About Stage Right Now

Before HGTV brought home staging programs into peoples living rooms, Yvette Reimold (an Accredited Staging Professional) was laying down her own groundwork and design in the industry. As owner of Stage Right Now, Yvette draws on her expertise and professionalism as well as her eye for detail and love for design. Located in Clarksville, TN, Stage Right Now proudly serves the surrounding Tennessee area.

Stage Right Now can transform properties to improve their listing potential and help owners and realtors highlight a property's best attributes. We are committed to providing exceptional and dramatic results, addressing the client's needs and exceeding their expectations to capitalize on a property's true selling potential. Stage Right Now uses your time frame and budget to set the scene throughout your house to create immediate buyer interest.

Home staging at Stage Right Now is more than just redecorating, it's the art of knowing what to leave, what to take out, what to rearrange, and what to add to ensure a well-balanced, well-appointed home so that potential buyers will want to move right in.